Safe & Secure (SAS)

We are leading providers of professional Legionella control, prevention and associated environmental hygiene and risk management services to organisations and individuals throughout the UK.

Our specialist consulting services are delivered through experts who have excellent reputations in their area of expertise which includes Legionella and risk management, crisis and emergency management, health & safety training, water treatment and hygiene services.

We assist companies to meet their obligations in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive requirements.

Our services include:-


Independent Legionella Audits

Our independent legionella audits have been designed to give you and your organisation confidence that your current controls are compliant with good practice and current legislation.  They also help demonstrate to the controlling authorities that your risk management systems and procedures are compliant.

Crisis & Emergency Management

Our teams of crisis management experts can assist with the development and implementation of a crisis and emergency plan in the event of an outbreak.


Legionella Risk Assessments

Our professional risk assessments and integrated risk management programmes take a holistic approach to the control and management of Legionella within water systems. Our risk assessment reports provide a comprehensive overview of the water system, including diagrams, schematic drawings and photographs to illustrate system conditions. The risk assessment is designed to be used as a comprehensive log book including; a filing system for all future work certificates, job specific method statements and risk assessments, and health and safety data sheets. All specifically designed to ensure accurate and on going record keeping and to meet Health and Safety Executives ACoP L8 (2014) HSG274 and other current and relevant standards.

Legionella Risk Management

Although it is impossible to guarantee that legionella bacteria will not exist in a water system, through proactive management and effective control programs it is possible to dramatically reduce the risk and allow those responsible to maintain a healthy and safe environment. We are able to design and maintain a comprehensive risk management program for water systems including, but not limited to; emergency showers, cooling towers, air-conditioning systems, factory process water systems and domestic water systems within commercial buildings, hospitals, schools etc.


Training to ACoP L8 (2014) HSG274

Training to meet the requirements of ACoP L8 (2014) HSG274 is available for individuals or groups. 
Our professional training courses are tailored to suit the needs of both the organisation and the participants. The training sessions are interactive and informative and participants are provided with the key information in hard copy for their reference as well as a certificate of attendance. At the end of each training session a short assessment is given to ensure information has been assimilated by the participants and to enable the tutor to cover any gaps in knowledge and understanding. On-going support and advice is available once the training has been completed.

We offer two main formats for our training depending upon client requirements

  • Site Based Training
  • Classroom Based Training

Site Based Training

This is usually the format suggested for those undertaking the role of ‘Responsible Person’ this training provides practical on-site experience (usually around your own site) and provides hands on experience of performing the routine procedures at your site. This session is complemented with a classroom session to ensure the base level understanding required for the position of ‘Responsible Person’. These sessions are run for a maximum of 5 people. Participants are provided with a hard copy of the HSE, pocket guide to routines, as well as a certificate of attendance.

Classroom Based Training

This training is designed to ensure that Managers involved in Legionella control have thorough understanding of their legal and legislative responsibilities. It ensures that they know how and where to access information, and are able to interpret what that information means to their business and role responsibilities. These sessions are concluded with a short assessment to ensure participants understanding, and on-going support and advice is available to participants.

Legionella Awareness Training Course 

On average there are approximately 200 to 250 reported cases of Legionnaires' disease each year in the UK. The disease is caused by the 'Legionella pneumophilia' bacteria and is an extremely serious form of Legionellosis, causing high fever and proving fatal in approximately 12% of cases.
In an attempt to help reduce these figures, this module has been developed by Virtual College working with partners Life Environmental Services. It has been designed to help raise awareness of Legionnaires' disease by explaining how outbreaks might occur, and highlighting water systems that have a potentially high risk of developing the Legionnella bacterium.

On completion, learners will have an increased understanding of Legionnaires' disease, including the potential consequences of an outbreak and the symptoms associated with the disease. The module also provides information on the relevant legislation and requirements for compliance.

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Water Hygiene & Routine Servicing

Our water hygiene service teams offer a range of system disinfections and planned, preventative maintenance programmes designed to control and prevent legionella bacteria in water systems and stored water.  We also disinfect and sample new pipelines to meet BS6700, ready for mains connection.

Our comprehensive site services include

  • Routine servicing of water systems to ACoP L8 (2014) HSG274 requirements
  • Cleaning and disinfections to ACoP L8 (2014) HSG274 & BS6700
  • Cistern updates / refurbishment / replacement to Water Regs. G16 (previously byelaw 30)

We are members of the (LCA) Legionella Control Association.


Routine and Emergency Legionella Sampling & Analysis

We offer full UKAS accredited legionella and potability testing. Other sampling and microbiological laboratory services, capable of undertaking an extensive range of analyses, are also available. Upon completion of analysis a certificate is produced. An emergency procedures and recommendations document is set out for positive results and where actions are required a 24 hour remediation service is available.

Water sampling and analysis (potability, ph, elements etc)

We analyse water samples for either legionella or potability in our UKAS approved laboratory

  • Free sterile sample bottle
  • Free sample courier service, for more than 6 samples (remote areas may incur a surcharge)
  • Free positive results telephone service. Certificate of result of analysis.

Through our UKAS approved laboratory we also conduct water analysis for other chemicals and contaminants as required


We manufacture items to upgrade water cisterns to meet the current standards. The materials used are WRC approved for the manufacture of these items, which include; lids, lid fittings, insulation, insect screens, etc. Lids and fittings are individually priced to your dimensions. 

We manufacture System Disinfection Kits for domestic services (Sterisys) and machine tool coolant systems (Sterimach) for use where it is uneconomical to call in a specialist Water Treatment Company but where the client wants to be confident that his water system is free of bacteria. The kit contains all the requirements to treat systems to ACoP L8 or BS6700. A dipslide is used to prove the success of the treatment.
They are user friendly and ideal for on site work.

We manufacture and supply:

  • • WRAS approved, tailor made kits to upgrade cisterns to current standards.
  • • Black polypropylene sectional lids to go through any access
  • • Lid fasteners and seal materials
  • • Insect screens, compression fittings in all sizes
  • • Vents / breathers
  • • Open vent lid seals, all sizes
  • • Insulation, jackets, foil, foil adhesive tape

We manufacture disinfection kits for treating small hot and cold water services and machine tool cooling systems, containing:

  • • Chlorine rapid dissolving disinfection tablets
  • • Disinfectant level test kit
  • • Bacteria test slide to prove success of disinfection
  • • Proforma certificate to complete for permanent record
  • • Coshh data sheet